Dancing For Weight Loss

dance for weight lossFor a lot of people, the word “exercise” conjures up images of painful weight lifting sessions, laborious cardio routines, intense interval training and severely uncomfortable yoga positions.

While these types of exercises are quite effective, they all can become extremely boring after a while.

However, dancing is a very different ball game.

Dancing for weight loss is tremendously enjoyable and a number of individuals gravitate toward this type of workout because it is very effective for fat loss.

With dancing, you will be able to burn a lot of calories during a session and lose weight as a result.  Dancing elevates your muscular activity, circulation, breathing rate and heart rate because total-body rhythmic movements are involved in dancing.

Combined with a customized weight loss plan, dancing can actually elevate your metabolism between 3 and 6 times higher than your resting metabolism.

This is an indication that you will be able to burn 3 to 6 times more calories while dancing in comparison to when you are resting.  This translates to the average adult burning between 3.5 and 7 calories in each minute of a dance routine.

If you are concerned about your health and weight loss is your ultimate goal, dancing provides an invigorating and fun activity to assist you in getting to where you want to be.  Below are different types of dancing that can help you along your journey to wellness:

Zumba Dancing

zumbaThis dance form is arguably the most popular in modern society.  However, Zumba is not actually a dance; it is an aerobic fitness program that is set to up-tempo Latin music into which dance moves are incorporated.

Zumba is a term that has a Colombian origin and it essentially means moving swiftly and having fun and that is exactly what Zumba dancers do.  This is a perfect way to have fun while shedding those pounds.

Hip Hop

hip hop dancingThis dance form is a super fun, high energy activity with an awesome dance style and a no nonsense attitude that will assist with your weight loss goals.  Hip hop dancers give off a vibe that says it is all about paving your own path through the world even if it means breaking some rules along the way.

If ordinary is simply not for you, hip hop could just be the platform that you need to dance your way into to a healthier, sexier body.  Both your new body and new attitude will thank you.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom DancingThis is a graceful, beautiful and elegant dance form that puts the body to work.  Although the moves look quite easy to execute, they give the body a real workout.

All major muscle groups are worked when you participate in ballroom dancing and it sharpens your balance and coordination as well.  All of these benefits make ballroom dancing one of the better dances for weight loss.

ballet danceBallet

Ballet is another popular dance form and its benefits include improving your flexibility and strengthening the back, thighs, abs and hips.
In fact, ballet is among the few dance routines that can be practiced during pregnancy.

Belly Dancing

belly dancingThis is one of the most popular types of dance that can assist you in losing weight.  While it is not as vigorous as other forms of dancing, belly dancing has a lot of virtues.

For individuals who have an interest in less vigorous movements and have a preference for a more moderate approach to dancing, belly dancing is a beautiful and interesting alternative.


JazzerciseThis dance routine is another modern invention.  Jazz exercise is essentially a fitness routine that actually has little to do with classical jazz dancing.

Jazzercise is more focused on movements that strengthen and tone the body.  Individuals who have done it attest to its remarkable cardio workout.


SambaThis is a high-endurance and fast paced dance program that can definitely help you to reach your weight loss goals.  It involves a lot of turning, twisting, little leaps and small jumps that are designed to help you to get a slimmer waist.

Samba engages your abs, glutes and thigh muscles, giving the entire body an effective workout.


salsa dancingSalsa requires you having a partner, which makes it even more fun.  This is a great exercise to do with your significant other or a good friend.  Salsa is a great way to have fun while dancing your way into great shape.

Before you head to the nearest studio to enroll for dance classes, there are some things you should consider.  There are obviously different types of dance moves that can assist you in losing weight.  Therefore, you should choose the one that best fits the current level of fitness at which you are.  Ensure that you are conditioned to take on the demands of the dance exercise you choose.  Start at a slow pace and steadily move up.  You will have a lot of time to take on more challenging dance forms as you progress.

Getting Ripped And Looking Great With Bodybuilding

ripped girlWhile women look to getting slimmer and in shape, for men it is all about getting leaner and building muscles! The primary reason why men hit the gym is to build a stronger, larger and more powerful frame. After all, simply having the right diet won’t help, it is also necessary to work out and train one’s body!

Like many, even I like to workout in order to achieve my fitness, body building and weight loss goals. Of course I would also like to get ripped in order to look good in clothes and to command the attention of women of course! If you too have the same desires as me then it is advisable to understand the fact that getting ripped is not something that happens overnight, it requires dedication, hard work and perseverance.

One of the biggest tips that I can give you if you are looking to get into bodybuilding is to combine the right workout regime with an appropriate nutritional approach for your body type. The primary goal that you should set for yourself when working out is to develop greater lean muscle mass.

Why Compound Exercise Moves are better than Isolation Ones

While you may have a preference as to which part of your body you would like to build, i.e. lower body, upper body, abs, etc, it is best to train the entire body so that it would look proportionate. For women, there is no bigger turnoff than a disproportionate body, so don’t ignore any part of your body, have a whole body workout plan in place for best results!

If you hit the gym you will notice men pumping iron and pulling iron while sitting on exercise machines. These machines facilitate isolation workout, i.e. they just target one group of muscles at a time, like the triceps, the back muscles, biceps, abs, legs, chest and so on. Of course there is nothing wrong with performing isolation exercise but if you want a better deal then you ought to try out compound workout exercise moves.

barbell squatAs suggested by its name, compound exercise movements target several joints and muscles, therefore it provides faster and more effective results! A good example would be the barbell squat. This one works out the ankles, knees, hips, waist and also the shoulders. Thus, almost the entire body is exercised with this single exercise move. Now compare this with the isolation exercise leg press, you will notice that the latter exercises only the knees. Thus, if given a choice, always pay more attention to compound bodybuilding moves.

Tips for Beginners

I have been working out for quite some time now, but when I started things weren’t always so easy for me. The biggest intimidating thing for beginners is to get on the path of good nutrition and effective workout plan for weight loss and fitness. Just as it is difficult to get on this path, so also it is difficult to stay on this path.

However, there are plenty of motivational tricks that you can practice in order to make sure that you stick to your workout and diet plan. Motivation for weight loss can spring up from different sources, even the least expected ones, which is why it is good to stay alert. You can also try following bodybuilding blogs and reading online articles on body building for men in order to stay motivated.

You will notice that once you start losing weight and seeing the muscles develop, your self-confidence will go through a big boost and you will be motivated to keep working out in order to achieve your dream body!

Why workout Road Map is necessary

The importance of having a good workout road map cannot be stressed enough, especially for beginner bodybuilders because they will be able to stay more focused on their goals and be successful at achieving them. If you don’t have a strategy in place then your goals will be all over the place and you might end up being giving up your mission of building up your body somewhere down the line!

For beginners, the primary strategy that they should have in place is weight loss exercises. Most people make the mistake of setting muscle building as their priority right in the initial stage. Well, keep in mind that building your muscular strength is going to be possible only after you have managed to strip off the unnecessary layers of fats from your body!

Fitness For Men: Workouts And Meal Ideas

eat healthyThe good news for men trying to lose weight but build muscle is that they should be eating regularly. By regularly, I mean every couple of hours: 5 or 6 times daily. Those should be light meals, not heavy snacks, and the food you choose is a significant part of how quickly you lay down muscle as opposed to fat. The other part of your bodybuilding regimen, however, is the hard work of lifting weights. Health and fitness is a balance between what you put out and what you put back in.

Weights instead of Cardio

There is a place for cardiovascular exercise: you should not omit this from your workout because your bones need the impact of walking or running and your heart and lungs need to make an effort if they are going to stay strong. But working out with cardio alone is not going to help with body building. Generally, runners are lean. Their muscles are long and they are very light on their feet. If bulk is what you are after, here are some thoughts.

Find either a great gym with an expert trainer or buy a workout video featuring muscle-building routines. The instructor in either case should be experienced and you should hear him talk a lot about safety. This includes incorporating a rest for each muscle group by working those muscles on every second day at most and looking at ways to support your core (the girdle of muscles supporting your lower back).

A fitness trainer will likely tell you to repeat a movement more times than you really want to because it burns. As you consider putting that weight down, an instructor motivates you to keep going; work through the burn and you are building bigger muscles. Without the motivation of a professional, it is easy to quit and release the weight after too few repetitions or to rush through exercises, thereby cheating yourself of the optimal effects you were looking for. Working out with a partner can also be motivating, while music lifts your energy levels and your mood.

Repetitions are important, but doing more is not as good as lifting heavier weights. Move slowly and really feel the motion; even limit that motion to within the range that feels most difficult. Experiment and enjoy the challenge you presented to yourself. If you have a mirror to look in while working out, put it up and watch each movement so you can marvel at the way your body operates.

Eating Right

You have probably seen muscular men inhaling steak, eggs, and sausages in quantities that would feed two people for an entire day. If they can burn all of the fat they just consumed, that’s fine. Bodybuilding is a big calorie burner, but there are efficient foods and methods of cooking or preparing food when you are doing weight loss programs and building muscle mass.

lean protein food dishOne of them is to select lean types of protein. Your best sources are fish, whey, eggs, and poultry. They are low in fat but also high in protein density. The second point is that your food should not be fried, battered, or boiled. Poach, grill, or lightly stir fry foods in good oils. These include olive and flaxseed. When eating salads, sprinkle on chopped boiled eggs and drizzle one of these oils onto the mixture as well with seeds and/or nuts, remembering to drink lots of water too.

Whey powder is an excellent source of protein if you are not allergic to milk products. It is easy for the body to absorb and convert to muscle. With the addition of naturally sweet ingredients like berries and bananas, you add carbohydrates, antioxidants, and various vitamins or minerals which turn a simple shake into a source of complete nutrition.

Individuals who are building muscle and losing weight simultaneously cannot expect their bodies to burn fat as energy so eating well is critical: about 2,300 calories daily or more if you are working out hard enough to justify it. Do not deprive your body or it will just lay down more fat and you’ll feel sluggish. That will be a sign that your metabolism has entered a protective phase; hoarding energy stores until a regular supply of energy can be guaranteed once more.